EnergyHelpline‘s Director of Energy Tom Lyon comments on PfP Energy ceasing trading: “It is a tough market for suppliers with the wholesale cost of energy continuing to rise, forcing suppliers to operate on smaller margins, and many have been affected by customers either having to delay or miss payments due to lockdown. 

“PfP Energy is the latest provider to cease trading this year, following Hub Energy, Simplicity Energy and Green Network. 

“Ofgem will now begin the process of choosing a new supplier for the 76,000 households affected. If you are a customer of PfP Energy you don’t have to worry as your energy supply will continue as normal and any credit you have built up is protected by the regulators supplier of last resort rules.

“It’s important for customers to wait until they find out who their new supplier will be before trying to switch to a new supplier – which should only take a few days.

“While you’re waiting, it is worth grabbing your meter readings now and then again when you’ve been contacted by your new supplier, to ensure your bills will be accurate. “When you find out who your new supplier is and the rate you’ll be paying, run a quick comparison to see if you can find a tariff which offers better value for money – you won’t be charged any exit fees to leave your assigned supplier.”