Following Ofcom’s announcement about the low uptake of social broadband tariffs, Hollie Croft, broadband expert at Broadband Finder, says:

“Hearing that just 55,000 families of the 4.2 million eligible for a social broadband tariffs have signed up, highlights just how much work needs to be done to inform vulnerable households of the support currently available.

“Broadband providers must do more to help any customers that are struggling to make ends meet and notify them about all the support available to reduce their monthly outgoings.

“This is even more important given the cost-of-living crisis many will be experiencing, and with a looming national household bills price hike likely to be well over a thousand pounds per family.

“If you are a Universal Credit recipient and are looking to reduce your monthly outgoings, speak to your broadband provider today and find out if they offer a social tariff you are eligible for.”