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Access and analyse essential industry data with our business intelligence tools.

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Our tools give you a competitive edge. You have the opportunity to mine rich, extensive market data and use this to drive commercial performance.

Our whole-of-market live database offers a wealth of industry information which you can use to your advantage. You’ll be able to understand customer behaviour, identify competitor strategies and improve sales forecasting. Put simply, the valuable insight you get from us can, and will, prove invaluable.

Our customers

  • Ofgem
  • EDF Energy
  • Citizens Advice
  • Ovo Energy
  • Shell Energy
  • PFP Energy
  • Engie
  • Cornwall Insight

Our data and insights service

Our service will help you drive customer acquisition and commercial performance through a unique range of benefits.

Cost Optimisation

Cost Optimisation

Identify competitor strategies

Optimise timing of product changes

Compare and benchmark performance metrics

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Optimise product value and pricing

Track life-cycle of any product

Understand customer behaviour

Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

Improve sales forecasting

Gain visibility of full market in real-time

Test product performance across different channels