Energy Helpline is the energy comparison service from Comparison Technologies. We work with a huge range of energy suppliers within the UK market, and no-one compares more. 

Our energy comparison service fully complies with The Ofgem Confidence Code, which means we’re trusted throughout the energy market to produce fair and transparent results for anyone who uses our service. With Ofgem’s priority always the consumer, the code is frequently reviewed and, if necessary, updated to ensure it provides the correct assurances for customers across the United Kingdom. For those seeking a trustworthy comparison service, Ofgem Accreditation – such as ours here at Energy Helpline – is a must. 

While the majority of our customer service team is based in the UK, we are proud to have support teams overseas to ensure we can provide the 24/7 assistance necessary to maintain a great standard of customer care.


  • Maintaining a rich data set of energy information, which we do to know the exact details of every energy tariff on the market, supplier trends, regional popularity and much more, in order to offer our customers top-tier insight at incredible speeds. 
  • Providing round-the-clock customer phone assistance for users who would rather pick up the phone and talk to one of our knowledgeable advisers to help them with their energy switch.
  • Overhauling the content on the site to provide user-focused guides and information, driven by SEO-optimised keyword research while also improving the overall user experience of our consumers. 
  • Maintaining strong, successful relationships with all of our partners, and helping them to fulfil their goals towards generating fresh revenue streams and building loyalty with their customers.


Our hard work and dedication to the energy switching market has paid off, and continues to do so. The average savings of someone who switches through Energy Helpline is £289, while the top 10% of our switchers save at least £497. In 2020 alone, Energy Helpline switchers saved £13.4 million

As of 2021, Comparison Technologies, along with partner channels, help 650,000 household consumers save around £160 million on their energy bills every year. This is a 50% increase in switches and a 30% increase in energy bill savings since 2012, when UK Web Media and Energy Helpline merged together to form Comparison Technologies. 

We also conducted our 1 millionth green energy switch in 2018, and have had plenty more since. Out customer’s green switches have resulted in a total carbon footprint reduction of 4 million tonnes of CO2. Paid search continues to be a key driver of high-quality traffic to the site and call centres, with record revenue from PPC activity recorded in 2020.

1mgreen energy switches as of 2018
£13.4msaved for Energy Helpline switchers in 2020
£160msaved each year through all channels